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Please use this form to submit a data subject rights request for yourself (or as an authorized agent on behalf of someone else). All fields are required unless marked optional.

The individual identified in this request below is also called the data subject in this form.

For general information about the personal information we collect, our policies and practices regarding such information,
and an individual’s privacy rights, including the types of requests an individual (or its authorized agent) may make, please read our privacy policy.

If you wish to submit a request to opt-out of the sale/sharing of your personal information, please click the “Your California Privacy Choices” link at the bottom of our website to submit such a request. You may also use an opt-out preference signal, such as the Global Privacy Control (GPC), to opt-out of the sale/sharing of your personal information. Submission of a request does not guarantee disclosure of, access to, correction of, or deletion of the applicable personal information.

We will evaluate your request in accordance with applicable law, including the CCPA (as amended by the CPRA).

The information requested in this form helps us to process your request. Without that information, we may not be able to process or verify your request. We may contact you for additional information to help us process or verify your request. Any information you provide in this form or that we may request in addition in connection with your request will not be used, disclosed, or retained except for the purpose of processing your request.

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